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Hello and welcome! This side is about me and my photography obsession.




I start my Career, in photography in 1967 in the age of 12 and I can’t stop taking Photos. :-) In this year, I received my first Kodak instamatic camera and I make my first photos.

Guess how my first black and white film looks like, don’t ask! ?



We have had a Photo studio in the same street and the owner was a master of photography and a very friendly Man.



He has a Studio with Dark Room and knows my family and me since I was a Baby.  He helped me very much to get my first black and white pictures.

All my basic knowledge comes from him. He tells me what I have to do to get a picture.


 In the next years follow a Movie super 8-camera system.


A Polaroid Camera and my first, 35 mm range finder camera, made by Dangelmeier (Germany) Dacora Dignet II.

Then I have to save and collect all my money to buy Films and materials that wasn’t cheep in these day’s


In 1968 I did my first step in a dark room. I never forget the moment I see the first print developing in front of my eyes. I cant describe my fascinating and this did not change till today.



Ok, I don’t want to bore you with more technical details!


On a short term: I


want to know everything about photography, films, chemistry, darkroom and movie technologic. I study everything what is possible and


I go threw a lot of trainings at leading companies for example, Leica, Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Jobo, Tetenal, Agfa, Durst and so on!


From 1974 to 1986 I start to work in one of the largest Photo Companies in different Locations in Germany and I work since 1985 for a News-Paper Rhein Zeitung in Bad Kreuznach Germany.


From 1987 I study Photography and Business in Kiel I work as a CEO, and in top management and directing positions in Photo – Studio, Finishing and in the industry till 1998.



In these Day's the technological start to change extreme fast, in the direction of digital Photography the first in Studio System's was Sinar and in the Sports Photography Canon.


I work on with Art students of the HBK in Brunswick in the year’s 1989- 90- and 1991.


Wonderfully creative young peoples and at, that time I realise the first Macintosh System with some version of Photoshop running on it at the university. A really large part of my work in these years was to teach people photography.



One of my favourite things I love to do. Trying to transport my one fascination for photography to other people.


Looking into fascinating and shining Eyes was my success…?


After 1999 I start a new carrier in to the Computer Software and Hardware Business.


I study Computer Software to arrive the Microsoft Certification of a MCSE or MCSE. This was needed to work as an IT-Consultant.


Work with one of the fastest growing US Software Integrator companies from VA USA. In 2001 I found back to my roots and study Web-Design, Photoshop, Fireworks and all needed Stuff to get a Screen Designer.


Following in 2004 the study of IT-Engineering to get the technical aspect and knowledge.


Since 2005 I work as a Photographer, Digital -Photographic art works and Designer. Till now I work with Film, M Leica System and Lenses and Digital Nikon Gear. My favourite Software is the Adobe Creative Suite on a Mac System and I still have a dark Room. Love the work with analogue film material it is a bit more, realistic.


Love to work on this basic way without any manipulations’. Sometimes I use a 35mm Nikon scanner to get this to worlds, analogue and digital together. Today it is a basic that a photographer has his Material in a digital Form. It's a challenge to create new Pictures realities in a digital Form. Creations, that we where not able to produce in an analogue way on film material.


 If you are interesting on any further information’s, or to buy any of my Pictures, please don’t hesitate to write a mail. I am interesting on Locations to arrange exhibitions with my works.

Soon there will be new Book Projects.


Kind regards and all the best!


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Things change fast and frequently! I got a visual Artist to work with Modell's an Peopel. You will find a Link to here on my Link Side!

What a impresive and amazing

europe architcture that shows culture.